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Shifting Sands

Teasing the ear, tempting the memory, tantalising the senses are just some of the enticing emotions to be felt with this new collection from the delightfully relaxed piano of Lynn Tredeau, who has, once again, blended a range of emotions into sublime music with the true skill of an alchemist.

As always she has a delicate touch, which seems to simply drift from one piece to another with effortless ease, enticing the listener to float slowly along with the ambience created. To have the music playing in the background is to bring a great sense of peace to the room, the space, to offer a soothing touch in a busy lifestyle, to share a moment where, to simply sit and enjoy, is possible.

Shifting Sands as the title piece for the work, is delicate and light and yet has a depth that indicates that perhaps all is not as settled as it could be, maybe is desired to be, and that simply by going with the flow, beauty is revealed in the highs and lows of life.

Hands twinkling lightly across the keyboards create the introduction for Dance of the Unknown which can relate to many things; life, expression, a beginning, an end, a creation. How many times is a journey undertaken with the final destination just a teasing glimpse away; Dancing across the patterns of life, the end is as unknown at the beginning but will always be discovered.

A signature piece is Looking to Lowman, created from the moment when Trudeau was sitting high on a hill watching the effects of wildfire, burning all in its pathway: the fury, the heat and the scant disregard to whatever was in its way. The destruction caused, eventually to recover, replace and to move on towards a new beginning; Different and yet somehow the same.

Within the twelve tracks each emotion is presented with infinite skill and understanding, which has become synonymous with Lynn Tredeau. In Whispers of Hope there is a joyful light heartedness apparent immediately, a slight hesitation, a pause before leaping off into the unknown, pinning faith in what is to come. This piece has smile hidden within which brings joy to the soul. Gorgeous!

The final piece If Ever in My Life is gentle, but also reminiscent of looking back, wondering and asking the timeless yet always unanswerable, ‘if ever, or perhaps, or if I could have…’but interwoven carefully, is the minute where the unanswerable is resigned to the past, often with a little regret but the a new moment beckons, tempts with the freshness of looking forward, to moving on, tempered just a little with knowledge often hard gained.

Her music is beautiful, appealing, gentle and genteel, capturing the very essence of life and life’s journey with understanding and love.

Distributor CD Baby
Released May 2017
Artists Lynn Tredeau