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Silent Whispers


Solo piano introduces an album of wonderful pieces in a kaleidoscope of styles, ethnic influences and pure pleasure. Karandish enjoyed composition as a young musician, considering the grandiose style of orchestral music the place to be, the metre in which to compose and in the signature piece, Silent Whispers these elements are seamlessly combined with piano to present a melodic piece with a wide range of tonal influences: a delicious introduction to 14 tracks of listening pleasure.

Born in the Persian City of Shiraz, the home of poetry and music, these traditional arts have found their way into his creations which when combined with his love of the Persian proverb: ‘what stems for the heart will affect the heart of the audience’, is reflected in the passion and freedom evident in each of the tracks.

Southern Sunrise is a complex arrangement of many facets, with the piano style reminiscent of the ‘honky tonk’ style but in a far more mellow setting. Catchy and vibrant, yet mellow and relaxing this is a delicate fusion that totally works.

Moving right along with styles, Passion Dance is fast, almost frenetic, basic, underpinned with a very Middle Eastern style percussive element and this is just beginning. Kaveah & Sherif is reflective, mellow, dulcet and moody, a dark bar, a late hour, the soft dreamy and sexy tones of the soprano sax threading it all together.

Shiraz Nights, has it all with the sitar introducing the piece, immediately creating the mystique of Persian nights, smoke filled air, the wafting of spices and foods in the evening air; rich, textured and evocative.

In a change of pace Jaan E Jaanaan introduces Persian vocals, adding yet another texture to this composition which blends old with new, ancient with modern and yet maintains the integrity of the music. A delicate little piece, Golden Dreams, rounds out a collection of songs designed to appeal to the head, the heart and the soul, presented with flair and certain panache.

On this album Kaveh Karandish is joined by top musicians Maz Karandish, Oud, Sitar and Saz, Eric Jang, Kaval and percussion and Farzin Farhadi, Soprano Sax and multi instrumentation. Between them they have created a work of total enjoyment and pleasure designed to have a wide audience appeal.

Distributor CD Baby
Released 2017
Artists Kaveh Karandish