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Somewhere New

When the amazing talents of flautists Sherry Finzer and Mark Holland collaborate it only produces one thing; a magnificent collection of work filed with light, joy and beauty. Add Will Clipman on percussion with Djembe, Udu, Caxixi, Bodhran and Claves, Cory Edwards on Piano, Ken Verheecke on guitars and synth and Peter Stirling on Celtic Harp and you have pure alchemy of sound being created, woven into a mystic and beautiful pattern to be enjoyed.

Never Forgotten introduces the album with the sound of piano and percussion then the deep, mellow sounds of the flute join in, over-riding the piano to tempt the senses, tantalise for what is to follow.

Finzer and Holland display their immense talent in the haunting piece When Stillness Comes which takes you to vast open spaces where the deep peaceful stillness of the night, an entity of rare and intense beauty.

In Search of Somewhere New is a jaunty, happy little piece combining the talents of Finzer, Holland, Clipman and Edwards with a lively swing beat which gets the toes tapping with the pure enjoyment, beckoning for the fun to be had and enjoyed: a hugely enjoyable piece to gladden the heart.

Welcoming in Peter Stirling on Celtic harp is the delicious Evening Star which reaches deep with enchantment, a seduction of tones woven throughout the base melodies of the harp as it is delicately plucked to create a delightful ambiguity.

The percussive element in Five Shades, consisting of Water Drums, Udu, Bodhran, Claves and Caxixix is intriguing and adding lightness to the very rhythmic beat synonymous with a tribal style music of music often associated with the American Indian.

Golden Daybreak sees Mark Holland joined by Ben Von Harz on the Axion handpan, an innovative steel handpan similar to a Hung, which creates a gentle style of percussion, allowing a delicacy and beauty to be added the music of the flute.

Simply listening to the joy interwoven throughout the final piece Dolphin Dreams, a lovely light filed collaboration of Finzer, Holland, Ken Verheecke on guitars and Clipman, brings with it an uplifting of the spirit and the soul, immediately drawing the parallel to the Dolphin, a perfect, highly intelligent animal whom when seen allows the mind to marvel at their magnificence.

Somewhere New is an album which can very, very easily be considered as an award winner for these talented musicians.

Gloriously beautiful!

DistributorHeart Dance Records
ReleasedJuly 2018
Running Time61:21secs
ArtistsSherry Finzer and Mark Holland