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Songs to the Goddess

When you put such talents as Annette Cantor and C.G. Deuter together you can only get one thing – that is excellence and in this tribute to the Goddess Cantor with her amazing vocal range and Dueter with his inspired instrumentals have delivered.

From the first pure note the alchemy begins and continues to weave its’ way throughout the entire album. Commencing with Tara – vocals with the underlying fabric of Buddhist chanting to meld with Cantors vocal range takes her voice a little further than she has gone before.

Perhaps this is one of the many reasons she worked in this particular genre so specifically, allowing her to explore the challenge and desire further to create with the essence of divinity linked into the harmonies.


Throughout the various tracks you are treated to Gregorian chants, beautiful, complex and traditional; improvised vocals without words which all gently leads you on the floating cadence of sound Cantor is noted for, into a world of gentle peacefulness in essence and tribute to the earth or mother – the Goddess.

Each track has been influenced from a culture which has always paid tribute to the spiritual aspects of life with the opening track Tara a tribute Buddhist goddess from Hindu India; Spider Woman comes from the American Indian, Isis is from Egypt. The Album comes to fruition with the beautiful vocals and instrumentals of Venus celebrating love, beauty, a morning sunrise.

Soft, gentle intriguing, meditative and tranquil come together to make an offering to the Goddess that the listener will find fits the bill every time.