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Stranger Days

David Wright has been around the music industry since 1989 with his distinctive acoustic style of music which has led to a career of firsts; in particular the founding of the AD music label, co-founding of the electronic rock band Code Indigo and electronic duo Callisto, amongst the more than thirty years of pushing musical boundaries, experimentation and eventual acceptance of electronic music as a standalone genre, a genre which is growing exponentially.

On his latest album Stranger Days, a title which could pay tribute to some of the amazingly unusual occurrences of today’s society, the work consisting of two CD’s is retrospective, reflective and encapsulates many of his styles which have emerged over the years.

The first disc is almost completely Ambient which creates a subtle, atmospheric ambience which is all encompassing, relaxing and simply offers relaxation, a little bit of romance and that enticing, ever intriguing concept of the vast, unknown that is Space. Perfect for background music in that it is non pretentious, the music is simply there within the space, seeping gently into the mind and soul offering the enchantment that is music.

From mellow and gentle, , to the slightly edgier style with haunting vocals as in Call To Me featuring Carys clear vocals, the album is an amazing journey down through the years, with many of the pieces gathered to form the collection rediscovered once again and remixed to suite todays audience. Ryshera and Colours of the Night, two such pieces both on the second disc, will be familiar to long-time fans.

In so many ways the work took on a form of its own, as it began, in David Wrights words, ‘as a simple, straightforward compilation, but evolved as a journey’, a journey 18 months in a the making and a journey offering much in new directions, which in the field of electronic music, will be interesting to follow.

A twelve-page booklet accompanies the music with the lyrics penned by Carys to Melt Away and Call To Me which, when sung in her clear voice, are almost ethereal and also offers a small insight into the album and the philosophy of David Wright.

Over the two-disc collection there is something for everyone to enjoy, the work has a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’, that undefinable, undeniable touch of the Master at work, doing what he loves to do, create amazing soundscapes to enchant and enjoy.

A final word is tucked inside the back cover which encapsulates the entire collection and sentiment of the composer:

“Sometime we have to travel to the edge of ourselves to find the centre.’

DistributorNew World Music
ReleasedAugust 2018
Running Time2:32:41 (2 discs)
ArtistsDavid Wright