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Strength & Serenity: Piano & Flute

In these troubled, challenging and changing times serenity is something that is valued perhaps now more than ever before and also one of the harder emotions to rediscover. Greg Maroney and Sherry Finzer have once again teamed up to create a captivating collection of melodies wrapped around the desire to help relax sooth and enjoy.

Strength and Serenity combines two exceptional talents with Maroney on piano and Finzer on flute weaving her magic throughout the notes of the piano to form a beautiful tapestry of sound and intriguingly, contemplation.

Sleeping Fields begins a journey of peaceful contemplation with the delicately beautiful Softly Rise bringing with it the vision of two musicians, each totally absorbed, playing as if one, creating a sound as delicate and exquisite as a spiders web, glistening in the morning dew.

Almost in contrast to the previous mellifluous tracks Diaphanous Dawn is slow, thoughtful and reflective, measure in delivery, the flute simply underpinning the definite and rich notes of the piano, played with a deep thoughtfulness, as if marking a turning point, the beginning of something new, fresh and serene.

Dancing across the keyboard is the lovely Ever Elusive, once again thoughtful, relaxing, gentle and absorbing which is the trademark of the entire album. This embedded emotion  leads to the  interesting observation  that during these deeply disturbing times in which we all live, out of the ‘darkness’ beautiful, rich, healing music is emerging to sooth and comfort as it has done for thousands of years.

Confucius said, ‘Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without’, which sums up in entirety the very peaceful, appealing and relaxing Strength and Serenity.

Distributor Heartdance Records
Released May 2020
Artists Greg Maroney & Sherry Finzer