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Summoning the Muse

Infectious just about sums up this latest, very catchy release Summoning the Muse from the talented members of Incendio,  something they often seem to do with outstanding flair and passion.

From the first track, the Chick Corea influenced Monte Carlo, the music is catchy, upbeat and very, very flamboyant, setting the stage for an album which will get the feet tapping and the blood pumping with sheer delight.

Created to entertain, with pieces influenced by the addition of steel guitar and keyboard, which is a nice addition to the music usually played by Incendio. Each of the pieces have been composed by either Jim Stubberfield or Liza Carbe and JP Durand in a more pop/dance/swing style vibe with a dash of jazz than has been explored on past albums, with immense success.

Don’t Pretend brings in a big band influence in style, with the bold brassy sounds with an impressive solo by Durand on electric guitar adding a very modern vibe to a much-loved sound.

Blue Bolero is a softer, far gentler follow on with a more sensitive atmosphere created with the lavish use of Spanish Guitar.

A luscious piece is Morning in Maui, unexpected and rich, with delightful, mellow overtones as the peaceful sound of the guitar is woven throughout the beautiful orchestration added into the song. A real favourite amongst all of the favourites on this album!

A funky little piece is At Dawn We Ride which almost bounces along in a lovely upbeat tempo, changing the vibe completely once again, taking the road to High Tide, the perfect early morning destination to watch the tide slowing coming in, the ebb and flow of the water, the timeless beauty of the freshness of the untouched morning, there to enjoy.

Amazon River Hoedown is a tremendously flamboyant finale to a fantastic body of work. A somewhat mischievous Cajun style beat, coupled a real hoedown feel created by Joe Craven on violin and Joel Guzman on accordion, complete a fantastically diverse, passionate and dynamic album full of fun from Incendio.

How best to try and describe the sound of Summoning the Muse: Don’t, simply go with the flow, enjoy the beat and feel absolutely fantastic at the end. Almost too much fun!

Distributor CD Baby
Released June 2019
Running Time 52:50
Artists Incendio