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Tales of a Gypsy

Spiritualism, gypsies, rain forests, beaches, violins, contemporary beat, classical, infusion, foot stomping, hand clapping rhythms, rhumba, flamenco, Italy, Europe and just about every other influence in fusion guitarist Linstead’s arsenal, has been melded together to create a representation of sound that allows no one true influence but brings together the many rhythms of the world, firmly placing them in one place – that of “no borders”.

Talented and acclaimed Linstead is well known for his ability to draw passion from his instrument all the while paying homage to the genre he is working in at that particular time, whether it be blues, jazz, flamenco or classical.

In Tales of a Gypsy he has used his medium of guitar across the boundaries of place, country, culture and politics, creating one sound that wanders far and wide, similar to that of the Gypsy tribes which wandered and still do wander across the length and breadth of Europe and Britain.

Respecting their own traditions, knowing no masters and recognising no boarders Linstead’s music pays tribute to the wandering spirit which, to any degree, inhabits the hearts of every true musician and every listener, passionate about the passion of music.

Bio:: Johannes Linstead, a master of the Latin-guitar, calls his latest album Tales of a Gypsy for several reasons. “I travel around the world sharing my music, and each of my compositions is like another tale to be told.

I feel like I am following in the footsteps of the original gypsies who travelled wherever they wanted and spread ideas, culture and art as they went.

Linstead’s music receives acclaim and a strong sale from both the smooth jazz and new age music audiences, but it is best described as world-fusion. While his guitar-playing has a Latin focus, he is inspired by music he has heard all around the world.