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The Beginning

Over the year of 2023 World renown flautist Sherry Finzer is celebrating Gratitude: gratitude for the life she has been given and the many wonderful gifts of friends, family and music; she has chosen the medium of music to express best that which fills her with joy and happiness.

The first in the series of Gratitude Project compositions, The Beginning, was released as an EP in March and has as the first song the blissful Genesis. Recorded at the Tank, a place where magic is inter-woven within the notes of the flute, the gentle, haunting and dainty piece makes a perfect introduction to a mediative and relaxing exploration of times past.

Ghost Stories lives up to its name with a gently hunting, even slightly mournful element creeping into the work. A soft reverb, added by each notes as it floats around the inner regions of the Tank, evading capture until perfect pitch is attained. How very often have we revealed in wonderfully horrible ghost stories to then shudder and shake throughout the remainder of the night. Such scary fun!

Another short but intimate piece is The Extraction of Innocence. The title is intriguing, the notes of the flute even more so, as they drift through time and space, perhaps looking back at a time in life when so much was still new, untouched, unchartered. A true time of innocence, a time only travelled once in life.

Magic carpets, mystical moments and childhood dreams have all been captured and celebrated in Flying Dreams. As a child Finzer would often dream of flying to magical places full of sunshine, warmth and love. How many of us have travelled the same road, flying or wishing to fly to a safe, happy and wonderful place, if only for a moments reprieve from the mundane of everyday life.

With this beautiful, reflective and relaxing collection, Sherry Finzer hopes her music will take you to that place, the special place where only you can travel to relax and refresh; enjoy every moment.

Distributor Bandcamp
Released March 2023
Running Time 16min
Artists Sherry Finzer