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The Empress

At the beginning of 2023 world acclaimed Flautist Sherry Finzer made the decision to create a series of Flute Meditations to be recorded at the Tank, a unique venue for sound reverberation. The series was titled The Gratitude Project with each release consisting of five mediation pieces.

The Empress is the final collection in the series and has been created with the sense of seeking fresh moments in time; reflecting on and establishing connections to hopes, dreams and goals.

As with all pieces recorded at the Tank, there is a divine element to the recorded sound of a single notes reverberating in the confined metal space, which offers incredible variance of tone, timbre and magic to the captured moment of time.

Commencing with the ethereal The Raven, dedicated to the majesty and intelligence of these large, glossy black birds which symbolize prophecy, insight, transformation, and intelligence. The Greeks also considered them as messengers of the Gods, originally white in colour.

The Empress Within celebrates the power of woman to create, rebuild and re-establish fresh frontiers and new beginnings with the use of powerful and yet delicate notes that float, coming together to create a powerful harmony.

Folklore has it that trees are the dwelling places of sacred spirits and hold the knowledge of healing and medicine. Buddhist’s consider the Bodhi Tree as the most sacred of all whilst in the Celtic tradition the grand and majestic Oak is considered to be the keeper of the Earths secrets and wisdom.  The mysterious nature of this sacred power had been paid tribe to in Sacred Trees, a gentle, soft and drifting song.

The final song in the collection is Invoking the Spirit of wisdom, connectedness and grounding to be found in Mother Earth. A fitting and reflective piece to conclude not just this EP but The Gratitude Project with a profound and spiritual meditation.

Distributor Bandcamp
Released July 2023
Running Time 17mins 28 secs
Artists Sherry Finzer