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The Nature of Things

It is becoming a regular occurrence that rather than release a full album many musicians are choosing to release singles or EP’s of either new works or selected tracks from previous albums.

New Latitude’s latest EP release, The Nature of Things is an up tempo series of five guitar based songs which immediately transports into a world of relaxation and enjoyment.

Commencing with the comfortably familiar Led To Believe, the music envelops creating a most enjoyable sense of being amongst good friends out to enjoy a day filled with great music. Very New Latitude style.

This feeling is carried on with the catchy Invisible Frame, which has a delightful variation in style and rhythm perfect for a moment of pure enjoyment.  Tribute follows with a slower more intimate style which showcases some intricate guitar work, a nice mellow sense of enjoyment and a slight classical influence, to conclude with a nice ‘cello addition, evincing a quirky sense of being in a moment of absolute enjoyment.

A complete change of tempo and emotion is offered with Circumstances Have Changed, which you would concur they certainly have over the past few years. Changes of pace, various catchy influences and a delightful mix of pure enjoyment in the moment have been captured once again in their trademark style.

Drawing the EP to a delightful close is the wonderful Softer than Silence which in the opening notes appears to be contrary to the name of the song. A nice tempo, rich and catchy, takes the mood to a place of captivating pleasure.

The Nature of Things while short at 18 minutes is wonderfully captivating and totally enjoyable.

Distributor New Latitude
Released May 2023
Running Time 18min 46 secs
Artists New Latitude