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Thinking of You

From a tender age music was the lifeblood of David J Pena and his world, as he would sit listening to the marching bands practicing in his street, then sit at the family piano playing the pieces until he had mastered the  melodies; not to bad an accomplishment at the age of four years.

Over the years he rose to acclaim as a drummer and pianist, adding to his skills as the years past until he created his debut album The Time has Come in the Contemporary Christian music style.

Thinking of You, his latest work, created in conjunction with Judah Earl is a collection that is vast, rich, all-encompassing, with a sweeping cinemascope sound that captivates and intrigues. Each of thirteen  tracks capture this rich collaboration, painting individual landscapes as in Smoke Signals Rising reminiscent of the days of Western Movies, beloved of cinema goers for many years: the wide plains, horses galloping, the blood rising, gloriously abandoned and invigorating.

Upbeat and full happiness is Good Day (Uzziah’s Song) written in dedication to Uzziah, Pena’s grandson, who says Pena, is always walking around with a smile; having a “Good Day”.  Pena says this song reflects his character and considers it a perfect fit for his beloved Grandson.

Sweeping across the airwaves is the gloriously free and easy piece Mystify, there to be enjoyed; a canvas to be painted in the colours of choice.  Thinking of You, the title song, dances along, filled with joy and happiness: a love song  portrayed through the strong notes of the piano, enriched with the sweeping orchestral backing, which drops away to allow the pure notes of the piano once again to portray a  the essence of the song; love in all its splendor.

Taking a walk along memory lane is the delightful, bright and breezy Yesteryear, which is wrapped in a delicacy created by the elegant tones of the violin with a lighter orchestral sound, until the beat changes to one of bouncing along, enjoying the moment in full glory; a quirky little piece, full of fun and the joy of life.

Lighthouse is a jaunty, light hearted piece that draws a rich and enjoyable album to a close, a perfect choice from David J Pena and Judah Earl, who in Pena’s words when asked to describe his latest work is that ‘he (Pena) would create the body of the work, discuss his vision with Earl and then Earl would ‘breath life’ into the composition with his orchestral scoring’.

Between Pena and Earl they have created a work which, to use the title of the first track, is Wild and Free , written to be enjoyed time and time again, an album that walks tall in a time of immense change and challenge.

Please note: due to incorrect information relating to Uzziah’s Song this review replaces the first version published on 8 October. Editor.

Distributor HeartDance records
Released June 2020
Artists David J Pena