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Thoughts of Tomorrow

Starting out with an tremendously upbeat track in Brazil, you immediately think of flamboyance and party time but equally as quickly move into a time and place one can only call reflective and melodic, slow and gentle, which, over Gronau’s past few albums has been becoming more and more apparent.

Always upbeat there is a subtle or if you like not so subtle change in   encompassed in ‘Thoughts of Tomorrow, ’towards introspection; of what comes next in today’s world, a world consisting of much trouble and disharmony.

As always each of the tracks forming this eclectic mix are based on a wide ranging collection of feeling and emotion, all of which Gronau is expert at translating into sound and vibrancy.

In this album he is asking us all to pause and take the time to reflect on ‘what comes next’ in our lives.

The mood is at times synthetic, playful, thoughtful, upbeat and reflective. The added pleasure of vocalization on ‘Deep in my Heart’, once again changes the tempo and reflects back to childhood times when we all believed the sky was filled with rainbows and everything was achievable.

The title of each track gives a little insight into what may be contained within but the mix is, as always, surprizing with jazz beats rubbing alongside of synth, and the deep rich tones of the organ creating a fantasy of musical wonderment.

To paraphrase Gronau, ‘the undertone of all this creation is the firm belief that when language stops working music starts to serve and is the one medium that can and will reach out to all’.

Gronau has, as always, used his undeniable talents to reach out with undertones of mysticism to encourage all to walk reflectively towards their future via the medium of the one everlasting vibration: that of music.