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New Age really does not begin to describe this latest release from well know German musician Uwe Gronau, because at least to me, “new age’ gives the impression of soft melodic relaxing music – which is not so on this two CD set. The music is set apart and is very definate and specific in its delivery – that of modern acoustic sound delivered through differeing mediums.

New age, maybe in composition, and in the establishment of the various selection of instrument that have been used in the differing styles, which allows the first CD to be presented in a far more chiselled style. Clear, clean rhythms with a very synthetic sound, broken with various unique ways of delivering sound, and in one track “Poems like Islands” where he uses the voice incredibly effectively,  makes this CD a complete contrast to the second one.

CD two is, as it states on the little card, softer and it is, with a far differing rhythm being presented. You can hear the vast experience of the musician coming through perhaps more so on this CD, with undertones of jazz, the deep peacefulness of meditation and the almost dreamlike quality with classical undertones become apparent as he tries to describe in music what he cannot in words – that “where language stops, music starts”.

Definitely not new age but definitely one collection which improves with listening – so take the time, to take the time, to listen several times and the magic of music which is hidden within will be released.

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