Distributor:        Booktopia/Amazon                 
Release Date:    September 2017  
Running Time:   50:37 secs
Website:    https://josephakins.com 

 Into the Flow 

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       February 2, 2018


There is something incredibly familiar about this charming album, created by solo pianist Joseph Akins, to simply delight the senses with twelve appealing compositions, some simply because he could and others in homage to people who have graced his life with their love and presence.

His wife Unita inspired A Pretty One For Unita with the dainty Lullaby for Baby G, written after meeting friends Amy and Joe Bongioro’s baby son, as a celebration of life, whereas Into the Flow celebrates three lives well lived, who passed on during 2016.

The music is delicious, enjoyable and it is lovely to see a little waltz music incorporated into a modern album, as the metre always hold a little romantic magic.  The Waterfall Waltz has all the components to envisage two people ending an evening of romance with a slow and sensual waltz, drifting slowly across the room, involved within their own private world. What is there not to love!

Joseph Akins has as somewhat eclectic background commencing his music career as a young child, playing the saxophone in his family’s country and western band. He moved on to pop -rock then to Jazz and finally found his way into the more relaxing style of New Age solo piano.

As an educator, his entire life encompasses music which can clearly be understood in the calibre of this album; the titles of the tracks are as intriguing as the music they describe.  Memories of Far Away takes a trip down memory lane in a very sedate manner while Ghost of Wee Mill Hollow is a catchy little number which has a definite beat, with perhaps a little ghostly mischief entwined!

Now Cosmic Microwaves simply adds to the mix, with a completely different emphasis, as it brings a gentle and enjoyable album to a close, which is fitting as the music seems to indicate that perhaps there is wonderment out there beyond the stars, which is there for all to discover, and creates an interesting footnote to a delightful album.

Many of the pieces Atkins has written over the past seven years have been award winners; two albums have reached nomination level. Castle Moon released in 2015- 2016 was awarded Best Album of the Year and A Piano Christmas being awarded Album of the Year in 2011.