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Weeping trumpet, pulsating rhythms and vibrant percussion are just the beginning of a wonderful Jazz fusion album from Peter Xifaras, as he moves away from his more recent orchestral compositions to enter with exuberance, the complex and varied world of Jazz with FUSION.

Xifaras is well known for creating his music to draw attention to a cause or a social issue using the medium of music to tell the story that is often left untold. On Fusion he has again tapped into the theme of rising above adversity with the stories of Shunzo Ohno and Medhi Rajbian, who have both faced some of the worst hurdles offered in life and through music, risen above to create a legacy of wonderful music.

Trumpet maestro Shunzo Ohno not only accompanies on several tracks but has a song dedicated to him, Shunzo, in which he demonstrates with aplomb that with the right attitude, anything can be accomplished. When faced with a career ending medical diagnosis, he said without music, life was not worth living and set about relearning to play the trumpet, later being invited to perform at Carnegie Hall.

A wide range styles have been used as Chaos introduces the album with a vibrant, catchy and up-tempo beat. Shunzo moves into the deep darkness before light enters with the clear bright notes of the trumpet. Wild and Free sees a soft, modern electronic element introduced creating a lovely fusion. B Blues is a more traditional piece with the trumpet once again holding prominence before song broadens into a delightfully catchy beat.

While My Guitar Softly Weeps is simply beautiful. The Czech National Symphony Orchestra back some serious guitar riffs, chunky piano and delicate percussion, which fold seamlessly together in tribute to Iranian Composer and Musician Medhi Rajbian, a man imprisoned for his for his music, almost dying for the freedom to composed and record music.

Till we meet again a short, catchy, up-tempo song brings a fantastic, diverse and thoroughly enjoyable album to a close in a most delightful manner.

Fusion is simply Jazz presented in some of its many and varied colours, each colour or song, impresses with its diversity of sound which presents the talents of Xifaras, known for his sweeping orchestral compositions, in a vastly different style.  A most enjoyable album.

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Distributor Peter Xifaras
Released August 2023
Running Time 31mins 9secs
Artists Peter Xifaras