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The Seed

The Seed, what a relaxing, captivating, swinging little collection of nine tracks from the Athens based quartet Thomas Mitrousis Quartet led by Thomas Mitrousis. As The Seed is a debut album it becomes evident as the pieces unfold, that the smooth, and on several tracks innovative delivery of the jazz beat, is as professional as you are going to find on many a seasoned performers work.

Chopping Therapy introduces the collection with some very crisp piano work combined with catchy guitar and gentle brushwork. Add some seriously intriguing bass work, creating an almost surreal element to the composition and you have a very, very classy piece of music. Mellow and gentle it is the perfect introduction.

Crossing Lines is sharper, more intense and dynamic with an electronic influence moving the work into the modern concept rather than the traditional, which within itself creates a very different, almost prog-rock style of atmosphere. On this piece it is very easy to feel the true syncopation of the four elements working as one to deliver a very sharp number.

Moving into a delicate, familiar place is the gentle Quinta, representing a state of being, which in this instance is induced by simply listening; absorbing the sensuous sound of music flowing, wafting gently onto the ether, offering dreams, relaxation and nothing but pleasure.

Up tempo and catchy is the delightful Tararirarom which is a real fun piece, a cleaning of the atmosphere of dreamy jazz if you, like to a to a much more modern, funky beat which enlivens, catching the jazz swing of trad jazz, with some catchy vocals added to spice up the mix. A terrific vibrant moment of pure fun.

Concluding what can only be described as a work that blends so many elements seamlessly together to produce a classy collection of work is the neat track Not Yet. The collection is even more outstanding as it was recorded during the height of the COVID epidemic, when to be gathering to make and record music was not the best choice of things to be undertaking.

The Seed: a definitely top rate, funky, captivating and most enjoyable debut album from the Thomas Mitrousis Quartet and one group it is hoped who will move on to a second and third album.

The line-up: Thomas Mitrousis: guitar, Kostas Yaxoglou: piano, Paraskevas Kitsos: double bass
and Dimitris Klonis: drums.

Distributor Thomas Mitrousis
Released March 2022
Artists Thomas Mitrousis: guitar, Kostas Yaxoglou: piano, Paraskevas Kitsos: double bass and Dimitris Klonis: drums.