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Release Date:    December 2021  
Running Time:   
Website:    https://bodhiheart.bandcamp.com 

 Love Rules, Meditations for Cello and Piano 

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       January 12, 2022


Wells Hanley and Noah Hoffeld have, after many years working together on various occasions, finally put their prodigious talent into a framework known as Bodhiheart and released their first album, Love Rules Meditations for Cello and Piano, a sumptuously rich series of compositions to delight and enchant.

 The addition of Mark Egan, fretless bass and Arjun Bruggeman, on tablas and world percussion lends a specific depth of emotion to the ‘cello and piano’ that takes the music out of the world of classical and places it firmly into the world of relationship with spirit; exactly what they wanted to achieve.

Several years ago an improv session set the wheels in motion. Sometime later they realised they both had a deep and long time commitment to meditation and the spiritual life, which has led to the creation of a fusion of sound that is soothing, delicate, and deeply relaxing.

In many ways the music reminds of the mood music created to set the scene, to entice the journeyman into a world of sumptuous bliss, where daydreaming of the impossibly possible, is perfectly natural.

Each piece is charming in its soft beauty, delighting the ear, soothing the heart and gentling the soul. As the title says, the work is a meditation for Cello and Piano and it truly is, as without a doubt, trying to write words to fit the beautiful pieces is challenging, as one drifts off to another place where the mind remans in neutral, while simply absorbing the complex and deeply enriching sound.

Track after track woos, entwines and reaches out with a gentle melody, each piece complete within itself but making a cycle of sensual pleasure. Perfectly perfect is the simply way to describe the complete work.

Indulge yourself and relax into Bodhiheart’s spiritual meditation for one hour of perfect bliss with Love Rules Meditations for Cello and Piano and then push replay again.