Distributor:        Booktopia/Amazon                 
Release Date:    November 2019  
Running Time:   44:59
Website:    https://danchadburn.com 

 Love Themes for Solo Piano 

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       January 6, 2020


Dan Chadburn’s music is always something special, holding within each of the pieces something beautiful to be discovered, treasured and enjoyed. Love Themes for Solo Piano, his latest release, dedicated to husband Tom Nichols, is indeed something very special, as the pure love and joy is captured within each song.

Several of the compositions have evolved in an ‘improv’ manner, later formalised, with others being born in the more traditional manner, but regardless of where the music came from, this is a gentle, caring and loving collection of pieces to delight the very soul.

What better way to commence than with the delicate Starlight Waltz which touches the romantic in us all, as the imagination captures two dancers, lost in their own time and space, twirling, floating, drifting, in time with the music.

Gentle Touch allows so many feeling to be present; the delicate touch given to a newborn child, a lover’s hand offering a gentle moment, a graceful and delicate moment at days end, reflecting, enjoying being in the moment when day meets night.

Grounded has a slightly different feel, as it encourages time spent to be in the moment, time to be still, be peaceful, to reflect, enjoy and refresh before floating into the deliciously sensuous Stars Above Sedona, which, should the night skies of the desert regions have ever been viewed, the myriad of stars crammed in what seems to be a never ending jewelled night sky, needs no further explanation, other than to say perfection captured.

The richness of Chadburn’s skill is perfectly displayed in Reminisce, a piece which contains from beginning to end, a gentle smile wrapped in love, with the final track Shalom, dedicated to his mother, Margaret, who passed away during the production of Love Songs for the Piano: a piece filled with reverence, love and gratitude, created as an improv piece and one that makes an elegant, graceful conclusion, to a body of work which reflects on the wonder of endless love.

Once again, a serene, graceful and heart-warming collection from Dan Chadburn and his piano. Perfect!