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Multidimensional Voice

In this musical odyssey you would have to classify the unique and intrinsic soundscape that has been created, as extremely close to traditional religious chanting refined to an art form by Monks of many religions, over hundreds of years, now born into the modern, musical arena.

With traditional chanting there is no musical accompaniment other than voice, but with the delightful melodic exploration of both voice and ambient sound to create pathways into meditation, Multidimensional Voice takes the tonal soundscape one step further.

The freedom of the sound is pure bliss in that is a many layered composition which combines far more than just incredible and highly skilled musical talent, it borrows from ancient means of sonic vibration, melodic chanting, traditional instruments, modern digital instruments and the power of the voice, to weave a tapestry created in magik.

Listen to this album on days when you are feeling down and out, weary and wrung out, as it will reach deep into the soul, deep into the psyche, washing away the cares and stresses offering a freshness of the heart and soul.  Listen to this on days when you wish to slip effortlessly into meditation, to slide into the calming nature of peace and place. Listen to this when you are full of joy, full of love and full of gratitude, as you will reach the ultimate levels of divine compassion.

Listen to this the last thing before you sleep to encourage a peaceful and blissful night’s sleep, full of beauty and splendour.

As this is what is called by the artist, Ben Carroll, an organic work created ‘straight from his heart and his soul, straight from his own exploration of finding his place on the planet (sic)’  the music reaches out touching the heart and soul of all who listen to this wonderful, slowly drifting enchantment.

Gloriously beautiful in almost gentle manner this is a most welcome modern addition to the ancient rhythms of chanting in the very best of the tradition.

Distributor CDbaby
Released August 2016
Running Time 73.36 secs
Artists Ben Carroll