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Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       February 2, 2014


Drifting effortlessly out of the ether, Nocturnes takes you to a place of ease and relaxation. Shades of the softness of the night grace the notes, offering a  time for dreaming, reflecting and pondering of things to come and things which have passed.

Gentle and yet persuasive you find yourself thinking of cold winter nights, a crackling fire, a deep comfortable arm chair and good glass of red wine; warmth, comfort and relaxation, all wrapped into one enjoyable experience.

In the mind’s eye Chadburn is playing just for you, sitting in the shadows at his piano to entice you into time and place; to take your days ease, to drift gently into the subconscious reflection within us all.

Piano combined with French and English horn, along with violin and viola endow several of the tracks with a richness which envelops, weaving a deeper magic and taking the time of refection one notch deeper to sooth and heal.

Nocturnes is a composition for the evening, created to relax, to enjoy, to reflect and to slip into slumber with, as the  peaceful notes of the music waft their way gently into your subconscious.