Distributor:        Booktopia/Amazon                 
Release Date:    April 2020  
Running Time:   40:12
Website:    https://nicholasgunn.com/ 

 Pacific Blue 

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       April 27, 2020


Pacific Blue created by Nicholas Gunn and enhanced with the timeless, beautiful vocals of Alina Renae over four tracks, is a work of immense pleasure, full of surprises with a deep rich sense of the freedom that captures the constant changes, constant movement of the ocean in all its majesty.

Classically trained, Gunn has used this training to create a sound that could be considered unique, with a blend of classical metre and electronic ambience. Combine this with the ethereal, almost folk sounding vocals from Renae and magic is created.

Offering a deep sense of peace tied into the majesty of the Pacific Ocean, the work ebbs and flows, as do the tides that rise and fall with the influences of both the moon and the sun working in harmony.

The lyrics to And I, are beautiful; a love story encapsulated within the music, rich and yet delicate; a piece which could have several interpretations: a love of another person or a deep and forever love of the ocean. An interesting song.

Pure electronica is captured in Sailing, a piece which represents the fluidity of the water as it rushes past the keel, the boat dancing across the waters, creating a sense of pure, intense freedom.

Once again, the lyrics to Pacific Blue the title track are well worth taking the time out to listen too as they once again have, as do all lyrics, several interpretations. The score on this piece is somewhat elegant, again presenting another aspect of not just the ocean, but life, as the words and music blend seamlessly into a whole.

Coast is another delicate piece and one in which Gun offers an interesting blend of tones which allow the mind to drift along the coastline, a vision of looking inward to the land, seeing natures beauty from the ocean, a vison which for many is seldom seen, therefor allowing a personal interpretation to form. A peaceful, drifting song full of light and sunshine.

Haunting melody slowly drifts into being on Out From The Deep, a mysterious, otherworldly, cinematic piece which captures the deep, unfathomed depths of the ocean where few ever go; a place full of rare beauty, captivating and dangerous.

As a metaphor for life’s journey, Pacific Blue is a rich allegory with immense appeal.