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A Classical Meditation

A Classical Meditation is at first glance a little intriguing, as one thing classical music is not noted for in many aspects is its meditative qualities, as the beloved composers of their day were out to make a statement with their music; more often than not with massively impressive pieces or gentle lilting compositions to charm and enjoy.

Gary Schmidt, a professional musician for more than thirty-five years has, in his latest release, A Classical Meditation carefully selected fifteen pieces from well-known composers to create a most beautiful and peaceful collection that charms the emotion and soothes the soul.

The gentle Adagio from Concerto in Dm from J.S. Bach begins the journey, one in which along the way, old friends will be welcomed, new friends discovered and old favorites enjoyed for just a moment in time.

Created on piano with the occasional additional backing, as in Concerto no. 2 (Shostakovitch) is a skillful, almost genteel, intimate performance; a man with his music, lovingly stroking the keys with reverence and respect. The winsome Claire de Lune (Debussy) is a tribute to this as the elements encased within the much loved and well-known piece, appear to be charmed from the score.

Nocturne in Ab (A. Scriabin) brings with it a smile in the opening chords, as it is reminiscent of so many piano pieces practiced over and over as again, before moving into the body of the composition. A true delight.

A captivating little piece from Eric Satie, Piece Froides, no.2 is a little-known gem, elegant and refined, and in this instance, almost acts as the prelude to the more somber and grounding Concerto in G (2nd movement) from Ravel.

New World Symphony: Largo written by Antonin Dvorak in 1893 became a hit after it was premiered at Carnegie Hall in the same year, fast becoming considered as most popular symphony of the ages. The melody was later adapted into the spiritually styled lyrics of Goin’ Home penned by W.A. Fisher in 1922, a piece very well known to many today, which makes this a fitting, if not slightly somber, note on which to complete ‘a bridge to cross the gap between classical and meditative music.’

Released February 2020
Running Time 1:02:27
Artists Gary Schmidt