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A Delicate Balance

Balance, or the ying and yang of life, is the theme of this light and gentle offering from acclaimed pianist Lisa Downing. Laughter, frustration, love, joy, pain and pleasure are all emotions experienced in life and it is indicative of Dowling’s talent that she has managed to portray all these changes and feelings over the twelve tracks in the album.  Each track is composed with the reverence of life and all its quirks as the underpinning emotion.

Striking a balance between the ups and downs confronting people as they walk down life’s pathways has been created with changing tempos in several of the tracks, significantly so in Make Believe, composed when her son was four years old and then again in “No Matter What I Do”.

Lisa Downing has used her experiences of life to inspire each of her compositions which has given the album a poignancy of its own making.

Delightful and encompassing, the album uses the medium of music to illustrate that “Although balance is fragile, it is achievable most of the time – as long as you don’t hold on too tightly”.