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A New Dream

Delicate, elegant and delightful to listen too, this is a real treat for those who love solo piano performed with a distinct flair and love of the instrument.

There are many more words that can be used to describe each of the tracks, but as you take a look at the pieces composed for this, Tredeau’s third solo album, they are self-explanatory; you can immediately understand what has been the motivation behind each creation. Awaken commences the journey into her world of intricate sound as you are encouraged to wake up, to take note, to enjoy the moment ,the sound, the day, whatever follows on next from this instance.

The Deepest Part of the Lake is about reflection, and Lunch with Vincent could be many things, but has been inspired by a picture painted by Vincent van Gogh so many years ago. Who would not love to have enjoyed lunch with this remarkable man! Listening to the piece you can almost imagine yourself there.

Season’s Change brings time to reflect, to celebrate, or settle in to enjoy the magnificence of the world turning, simple, yet presented in a complex and subtle manner.

Each of the tracks has that overall element of peace and tranquillity, which has been described as ‘almost hymn like’, and is most definitely reflective, relaxing; the peace and gentle playing washes over you as you listen, making the day seem so much easier to handle, the long drive so much less stressful, the evening ahead just that little bit more mellow.

A New Dream can be anyone’s life journey which gives this album an accessibility that will appeal to a wide range of people. There is a beginning, the birth, an ending, the finale and many of the other emotions faced, learned and made a component of your life as you travel your own special journey.

Beautiful, relaxing and very special, this album is a true pleasure to listen to and enjoy.



Publisher Lynn Tredeau
Released April 2016
Running Time 45.83mins
Artists Lynn Tredeau