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A Presence Of Three Minds

It is always intriguing to discover what Holland Phillips has create with each of his albums. A Presence of Three Minds, his latest work, immediately captures the imagination as to what is there to be discovered.

Created as a healing work and as sometimes occurs a separate force takes over, almost muscling in, demanding the work goes where directed. Such was the case with the creation of this magical, healing collection.

At the conclusion of his last album Leaning Towards Home released in 2018, Phillips had a plethora of pieces still waiting to be used. Noted for his healing work through music therapy, with formats which resonate, he set out to create some more songs with healing in the forefront of his mind.

Life managed, as it so often does, to change his direction which resulted in a very different influence being immersed into his compositions. Three different strands emerged, creating a quandary of what to do, which way to go, what blend to select.

The realization that perhaps all three could be used has resulted in another stellar collection from Holland Phillips, beginning with From the Depths, a piece which is deep, reflective, almost brooding, before changing to more melodic, almost an acceptance, of the many changes and challenges life delivers.

A lovely quirky piece is Last One Home; light, enjoyable with an inbuilt reflective smile, which delights the heart and soul, as it gracefully unfolds with delicate keystrokes. Finding Pixies is also still in the quirky space created, as it trips and flits across keyboards producing some interesting mixes of time, light and space.

Being Alone in A Crowd is something we have all experienced when we are there, present, but no one seems to see us, feel us, understand the depth of despair and anguish: so saying, this track has a lovely soothing quality to the construction, which wraps around the spirit offering solace and understanding.

A very catchy little piece is In The Queens Court, returning the imagination to Renaissance times using the various instruments in counterpoint: a gorgeous piece. Whereas the spacey song Arendell Rising is almost otherworldly, mellow, gentle and reflective, once again showcasing the immense depth of talent that is Holland Phillips.

This sets the scene for the final song To The Heavens which has a wonderful cinematic depth and breadth to the music, encompassing and reflecting upon a journey where thankfulness is given for the safe, if somewhat well-travelled arrival, ready for a fresh new beginning.


Distributor CD Baby
Released August 2019
Artists Holland Phillips