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All Through the Night

All Through The Night, from pianist and composer Pam Asberry transforms many long-time favourite lullabies by adding nothing more than pure magic to each piece. The entire collection showcases her immense ability to transform well-loved pieces with a freshness which completely captivates, and has never been more ably demonstrated.

The much loved and often sung children’s song Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star has been delicately turned into a delightful lullaby that captivates and enchants, setting the standard for the entire collection. Brahms’ Lullaby an evergreen and all-time favourite, is transported into the realms of enchantment with the gentle, delicate emotion of the notes played with great care.

Well known American song All The Pretty Little Horses is a more measured, structured piece which holds magic within, creating a completely different and yet gentle emotion to encourage drifting off to the land of slumber.

Sleepy Tide simply put is elegant, gentle and relaxing. Listening to this piece is to let all the worries of the day float away on the music. As the day draws to a close the slightly weightier composition Evening Prayer reminds that thanks should be given for the gifts of the day and for the days still to come.

Dainty and heartfelt Lullaby for Mackenzie written in tribute to her daughter Mackenzie Colleen Geyer (4-10 May 1994) makes a perfect addition to this completely charming collection of peaceful melodies. Reverie is the absolutely right choice as concluding piece as it meaning states, ‘being (in) a state of being pleasantly lost in one’s thoughts; a daydream’. Exactly!

As each of the twelve pieces unfold, many of them time old classics, it is well worth consideration that when so many of the songs were originally composed, the sentiment behind the creation was pure love for the small infant or child, of a beloved friend or family member.

With the purity of her playing, Asberry has captured this sentiment to perfection, allowing the delicate, pure and ambient emotion to emerge in order to calm and sooth the soul. She has also produced a Songbook to compliment the recording and to encourage pianists of all levels to add their own personal touches to this timeless music.

Distributor CD Baby
Released November 2019
Artists Pam Asberry