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Arctic Sunrise

The deep rich sound created by Kerani is interlaced with a sense of great delicacy, highlighting the movement and continuity that is the Arctic in all its moods.

From the sombre brooding to the spectacular sky show of Northern Lights; the majesty of the polar caps and the awesomeness, to use an overworked word, when the ice splinters to re-create a smaller ‘berg’ has been captured with finesse and deep appreciation of Mother Nature and her magnificence.

Allow yourself to drift deep into the music as it unfolds, creating  an sense of timelessness, coupled with an sense of urgency as the vastness of the icescape captures the spirit and heart.

Each of the tracks has been inspired by either history, Scott’s final and tragic expedition in 1911 to the Native Inuit Indians of the Artic regions and their daily struggle for survival, the long winters and heralded by the miraculous dawning of the Artic summers are all captured effortlessly in order to draw attention to an area of our earth, our planet, which is largely untouched.

With this album Kerani has tried to capture the essence and the real need to preserve this magnificence for the future.

Introspective, out there, all-encompassing she has managed to capture the Arctic as it is, has been and hopefully will remain.

Publisher Kerani Music