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Matthew Mayer is recognised as an artist in a league of his own, as far as solo piano is concerned and on this, his eleventh album it is easy to see why the accolades have been awarded.  As the work unfolds it is very recognisable that the man and the piano are a complete unit: one co-joining the other during the creation and refinement of each of the sensual pieces.

The music is beautiful, relaxing and in a rather unusual way, almost slightly soulful though appealing. Delicately Star on 123 introduces the album, with a soft and light touch which continues throughout the work, encouraging relaxation, enjoyment and pleasure for the listener.

Although A Kindled Soul changes the emphasis completely with a slightly more aggressive, sharper influence, it is refreshing but also somewhat jarring, as the previous tracks have introduced a lovely relaxing mellowness. It is only temporary, as a Moonlight Walk returns to the very pleasurable gentle ambience created.

Each of the pieces is steeped with emotion, which is a considered trademark of this talented man, which almost by default allows the listener to paint their own picture of joy, happiness, love, understanding and contemplation.

Commencing piano at the age of 12 years, Mayer fell in love with this incredibly versatile instrument. In 1999 he self-published his first album Crossing the Bridge at the age of 22 years; since then he has gone on to firmly embed his music into the hearts of the music lover’s worldwide.

His melodies are without a doubt sophisticated, elegant, gentle and overall totally enjoyable. With his delicate touch and understanding of the many and varied elements that go into creating work of this standard, there is absolutely nothing to dislike, therefor the threads will remain haunting the recesses of the mind, returning to offer that moment of relaxation and  peace in an otherwise busy lifestyle.

AuthorMatthew Mayer
DistributorCD Baby
ReleasedSeptember 2017