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Art on the Piano

Delicate and gentle the first track on Holly Jones’ album Art on the Piano offers the perfect introduction to a journey full of healing, comfort and pleasure.

Working as a physical therapist, Holly Jones has a deep understanding of the power of music to heal, which is present in each of the eleven songs that make up this gentle and delightful work.

A Blackberry Sky is a lovely subtle and relaxing introduction to what can be very easily accepted as an artist painting a great work on a canvas, each of the pieces created presenting a story, which is uniquely understood by those who look or listen.

Flowing elegantly Butterfly encourages visions of a gentle, romantic waltz as the song gently flows, creating a soft scene of almost elusive waltzlike movements, similar to the beauty of a butterfly flitting through the gardens which so tempt and delight.

The title track Art on the Piano is one of reflection, a different, almost sombre palate introduced to offer time for contemplation, for understanding, accepting or letting go, in so many ways gratifying with depth of understanding woven throughout the piece.

Short and enjoyable Jellies teases the mind, flitting here and there, seeking memories of summer days, fun, perhaps another tune, a sun filled day full of enjoyment, graceful and full of charm.

Another beautiful piece amongst the many is Repose, perfect for being in the moment, perfect for the practice of Mindfulness, or simply for being still, allowing the mind to go into freefall, to return once again refreshed.

Light on the Water immediately brings to the mind ships tossing on the seas, sailors dancing the hornpipe, the call of the ocean beckoning adventure, the rush of the wind in the sails; all this and much more imagined from a simple, well-constructed song which brings a genteel, delicate and healing collection to a perfect finale.

Distributor Holly Jones
Released October 2019
Running Time 50:03
Artists Holly Jones