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Christine Brown describes her music as ‘developing through many stages until each song is ready to be released, just like the lifecycle of a butterfly, until it finally emerges from the chrysalis’ which is the perfect description of her beautiful album, Ascend.

Each of the songs has been lovingly created to allow the listener to travel, or ascend, to wherever they choose of be in the world of thought, freedom and emotion.

Full rich notes introduce the signature piece, Ascend, whereas dainty, almost thoughtful chords ushers in the delightful piece Love’s Legacy, one of the longer pieces on the album offering time to reflect, to enjoy and revisit those times when love and all it brings with it, has come into your life.

A reflective classical resonance forms the basis for the deliciously touching Closer, that nudges gently the memory to tease the emotions, which is followed by a piece which will resonate as does the title Forest for the Trees,  a piece which could easily be considered as a somewhat wry perspective on everyday matters.

The work simply gets better as it moves along, with the titles to the various songs a reminder, that in the humdrum world in which we all live, there is a time and place to escape, to leave it all behind just for a moment or two, through the enveloping balm of music, by allowing the rich depths to transport the emotions to a place of peace and refreshment

Floating Colours is a reflective piece once again, immediately bringing with it the beauty of a sunrise or sunset; the colours vibrant, soft, shifting, changing, as if someone in the ether has taken a giant paint brush, enjoying a wonderful time transforming the sky into a thing of fleeting beauty.

Further on there is Amethyst Sky a slightly lighter tribute to once again the wonderful colours of nature as she goes about encouraging a moment to be taken to simply enjoy.

Safe and Sound brings a truly enjoyable series of songs to a conclusion, with once again a lovely composition offered in the hope that the dreams you have been enjoying and the pictures painted, have refreshed and renewed the soul, returning you once again, safe and sound.

This is Christine Browns 12th solo album for piano of original pieces.

Distributor CD Baby
Released 2017
Artists Christine Brown