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There is a strong similarity between the beauty of music created in Sedona, a place of great natural beauty and spirituality, and music inspired by the oceans of the world, both containing mystery, magic, a rare and often changing beauty and immense haling.

Michael Martinez has captured this sense of healing and beauty in his gentle and reflective album Asilomar, from the Spanish Asilo al mar which means refuge by the sea, a place he found refuge, peace and inspiration, of which was later recorded in Sedona. A perfect combination of nature and melody.

My Guru begins the work, perhaps written in homage to the ever changing, always grounding abilities of the ocean which provided the inspiration required for this delicate album.

One of the two very personal pieces Asilomar, forms as slightly hesitant, almost tentative, before becoming more confident, stronger, more definite in the knowledge that shapes and forms are being created; that there is joy in the moment, joy in the creation and joy in the completion of the beautiful sequence of notes that make up a very special moment in time.

Soft and gentle Sedona Whisper quietly evolves, filling the ether with the very essence of the mystique and majesty that is Sedona; a quiet reflection, a moment to relax, to consider and to enjoy.

Tender Love creates a perfect moment of quietude, of stillness and calm in a maddening world, a calm that heals and refreshes as well as draws to a close, a beautiful period of time where the imagination can drift freely, to walking along a desolate beach in perfect harmony with the elements, the deep endless secrets of the ancient desert, the perfection there to be capture for a single minute in time.

Magical, relaxing and full of serenity, Asilomar is the perfect album to play when there is a need to step back, to take a minute and simply just be.


Distributor Michael martinez
Released 2018
Running Time 40:25
Artists Michael Martinez