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Beautiful Journey

In this amazingly complex and beautiful third album Beautiful Journey from the talented Brenda Warren, she has raised the bar even higher in the genre of New Age music, with this heartfelt and deeply emotional work, by taking a personal journey through all the many and varying aspects of life, love, joy, happiness, sadness, sorrow and acceptance.

On this journey she has been joined with a stellar cast of award wining musicians in Charlie Bisharat, Premik Russell Tubbs, Tom Eaton, Jilly Haley and many others, to create a wonderful blending of layers of sound.

Opening with the evocative solo piano piece Imagine Spring, it offers a fresh new beginning after the dark, closed in days of winter. Beginning on a slightly hesitant note, indicative of the first tiny flush of a new bud, before opening out into a full, rich splendour of colour and feeling which is a lovely beginning to this divine work.

Passing Through has the haunting undertones of female wordless vocals which then with the addition of a wind component to the composition gives a delicate, almost impermanent air, underlining the point, Yes, I was here, but now I have moved on.

The signature piece Beautiful Journey is another beautiful solo piano piece, strong, resilient, full of emotion, showcasing the immense talent Warren has for composition with deep emotional ties.

Moving away from the more sombre tones is the light and dainty Beneath Cherry Blossom which has a built-in smile. Warren has captured a very definite perspective of Japan at Cherry Blossom Time, when the Cherry Trees are in full and glorious blossom. Perfection between heaven and earth, magic for the soul.

Blue Sky Day is definitely a tribute to those perfect days when the sky is nothing but blue everywhere you look, the air is fresh and anything is possible; a day that lifts the spirit and sooths the soul with pleasure and joy.

Pure bliss comes with Drifting; the bliss of letting go, simply allowing the music to absorb and take you where it will, a gentle and thoughtful piece that offers the opportunity to take a moment out of time; to simply be right there in the moment.

Rounding out this emotional and enriching journey is Forgiveness, once again a piece about moving on, forgiving and by forgiving setting yourself free to once again be able to live a happy and joyful life. Sombre in parts, reflective in others, it is a sincere and powerful completion to an album rich in the fullness of life.

Will Ackerman says about Brenda Warrens work ‘Her work is deeply heartfelt and stunningly emotional…a glimpse into her artistic soul.’ A perfect summation.

Distributor CD Baby
Released April 2019
Running Time 49:36
Artists Brenda Warren