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Beautiful You

Words alone simply will not do to describe this divine work created by the immensely talented Matthew Mayer, in this his 12th piano solo album Beautiful You, dedicated to all the beautiful people in the world, beginning with YOU.

His innate sense of timing, that split second pause, turns what could be a considered a delightful piece into something that is so much more, a melody that touches the heartstrings, sooths the turmoil, and speaks directly to the psyche of the modern person; the person who strives too hard, the person who is a vulnerable, who fails to love themselves enough.

Mayer’s music is such that it is a powerful medium to present a powerful message, as is the case with most of music and in this instance, has been created to reach out, to form the statement that everyone, everything, is beautiful its own way, and that beauty is there for all to see, recognise and enjoy.  Sometimes all that is needed is to pause, take a little time out, forgive yourself for your imagined shortcoming and allow the beauty that is you to shine forth.

This seems a great ask for what many would consider Beautiful You delivers, a lovely album of light and enjoyable pieces, which it is, but there is so much more; it is, to coin a phrase, ‘chicken soup for the soul’, for the psyche, as each beautiful piece follows seamlessly on from the one a before, creating a space of peace and blessed healing.

To select one track above another is not something to be contemplated, as it would separate what is, or should be considered, as an Opus. By doing so the beauty in the music could easily lose some of its appeal, some of the power within the carefully constructed pieces that appear to flow effortlessly one into another.

Beautiful You while being an album that should be used and enjoyed in the widest sense, is also one that will hold vast appeal for meditation, particularly for those interested in Mindfulness, contemplation and reflection and in times of great stress, when a calming influence is required to remind that all is possible, all is beautiful and that beauty encompasses you!

Matthew Mayer’s music removes you to another place, an ethereal place, another universe; a place from which you will return refreshed, soothed and absolutely beautiful.

Divine in its perfect simplicity.

Distributor Matthew Mayer
Released August 2018
Running Time 44:04 secs
Artists Matthew Mayer