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Becoming Tomorrow

As a debut album Beginning Tomorrow is WOW, WOW and WOW again, as the music simply bursts into life as spontaneous, fun and funky, with overtones of a time long gone, when Honky Tonk was played far and wide as means of entertaining, having fun and being in the moment, like right now.

Jarred walker has exploded into the new age genre with a vibrant, powerful and terrifically fun collection of ten tracks that are definitely guaranteed to have your hips swinging, toes tapping and a rather inane smile plastered over your face, and you are only up to the second track.

Something New is a somewhat cinematic introduction, but do not be deceived by the opening bars and it develops its own momentum and takes you to the most unlikely of places, seeming to say, look out as here I come and hope you are Along for the Ride, which is a massively enjoyable piece, simply created to be enjoyed, nothing more, nothing less. This piece was influenced by the Linus and Lucy Theme from Peanuts. Naturally, just as zany and enjoyable.

Starting off slow, which is a change of pace after the first two pieces, Dream of the Firefly lures you in with its gentler sounds, until somehow the piece once again heads off in a completely unexpected direction, as if the firefly’s have formed up and begun to march along to the beat of a very different drum.

Ragtime is garnered in, in This Time, which is once again a light, delightful moment in time to simply be enjoyed, with more than subtle hints of a classical structure, with elements of Scott Joplin’s music threaded throughout.

Mellow and winsome Looking Back, a piece Walker says was heavily influence by the music of the Carpenters and Burt Bacharach, is very evident with the complexities of the composition and the skilled use of the piano to introduce a range of highlights and slight pauses, which add a unique something to the song.

Moving on Around the Block bops along, chunky, once again almost Honky Tonk, presented as simple enjoyable fun; a piece walker composed in College to compliment an assignment to write a children’s books.

End of the Line simply begins and then takes off search of its own melodies which is very intriguing, as there are so many various styles carefully wrapped up in the music that while at times the piece feels familiar it most certainly is not.

Becoming Tomorrow is a seriously feel good album from a young man out to have a huge amount of fun with his music, which by the end of the album has lifted the spirits, changed the day to one of lightness and fun, then left, having accomplished what it set out to do, to leave you feeling good!

Distributor CD Baby
Released 2019
Running Time 35:16
Artists Jarred Walker