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Best of Solo Piano, 2007-2018

Dan Kennedy could be considered as an evergreen of the music world as his music and style keeps on giving, does not change in intent and emotion, but can be enjoyed year after year, as the many layers of emotion contained within each track come with a unique freshness embedded into the piece.

Having selected a delightful and charming collection of pieces from his recordings over an eleven year period, some familiar, some fresh and new, if you have not followed his musical performance trajectory and others as familiar as a comfortable sweater, much loved and enjoyed time and time again, Best of Solo Piano 2007-2018 is a collection full of enjoyment and happiness.

Over a music career spanning more than ten years, Kennedy has seen his songs become regular pieces on streaming service worldwide, regularly played on many relaxation and new age radio stations; he also took to the performance circuit delivering over thirty five shows each year throughout the United States, and in more recent times, has developed an interest in music and aging process.

Having composed music for solo piano since the 1980’s, he firmly believes the essence of good music is melody and harmony and as each of the timeless pieces unfolds this is very apparent, but this can also cause a few issues when playing at live concerts. He is often challenged as to why the piece played does not sound like the recording. His answer is that he picks up the emotion in the room, or concert venue and this finds its way into the music being crafted on the night.

The seventeen tracks showcase the diversity of Kennedy’s compositions and skill as the pieces move across the spectrum from slow, sensuous and mellow to up-tempo, jaunty, cheerful and happy, through to elegance and thankfulness, each piece touched with a delicate coating of pure pleasure in the creation.

Best of Solo Piano, 2007-2018 is an album to be enjoyed slowly over and over again.

Distributor Dan Kennedy
Released October 2020
Artists Dan Kennedy