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Beyond Measures & Time

Familiar and yet unfamiliar the opening strains of the lovey collection Beyond Measure and Time from acclaimed pianist Steve Rivera is one to be enjoyed without boundaries, expectations or pre-conceptions. It is simply music to wrap around the body and soul in the intimate manner in which it has been created.

In the beginning the flowing piece Suspended Dreams welcomes you into a world of feeling, of shadows, subtle nuances of sound designed to change the atmosphere of the song, which is a delightful prelude to Passing Shadows highlighting the many shades of dark and light to be found as time passes by, flowing endlessly and effortlessly to the final destination. Once again, a piece that feels like an old friend returned to visit, one not seen for many an along year.

Dancing across the keys Rivera’s fingers bring to life the beautiful Spectrum of Thoughts, a light, intricate piece, delightful in its construction and drama.

Romantic and thoughtful Falling Closer can be interpreted in many ways, which adds an element of spice and the unknown, that could be likened to falling in love for the first, or tenth time, when there is that delicious period when all is new, fresh and undiscovered building, to a richer, more lasting understanding.

Dark Tides is just that; a dark, brooding piece reminiscent of stormy days and difficult challenges. Deep powerful and immensely enjoyable, it balances out the previous songs perfectly, adding a balance required in this style of presentation and emotion.

Measures and Time introduces the culminative piece, jauntily opening with the deconstructed notes of the piano representing the deconstructed nature of the album, the cover photo, the concept behind the project and the wide and varied range of emotion present on every track in this album; emotion that is pure and heartfelt, from an artist whom Will Ackerman describes as a ‘brilliant artist’.


Distributor CD Baby
Released September 2018
Running Time 44:06secs
Artists Steve Rivera