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Bloom Road

As you begin to listen to this wonderful collection of pieces you will feel your spirit soaring effortlessly as if on the wings of a bird viewing the earth from on high, life shifting into perspective as you swoop and dive in the clean fresh air, experiencing the incredible joy of simply being there; and this is just the introduction.

The album just keeps getting richer as you move into the various tempos combined onto one album to create a listening experience which will have you gently moving through time and space with the haunting melodies of the Native American flute, accompanied by delicate strokes on the keyboard.

Changing rhythms you relax into the beautiful, slow solo piano piece in ’Prayer for Janet’, then along the way the more intense, emotional, ’Falling’ .

‘Dulcimer in C Minor’ was created in respect to an elderly man playing a dulcimer on the banks of the Thames River, dancing in complete abandon to his own tune. The essence of that freedom has been captured: The magnificence which was in that small moment, that time, that space, when nothing else really mattered. That music is all about being there and being in the moment

Moving along once again, you are encouraged to sink into the rich mellowness of the tenor sax, deep, sensual and smooth in ‘Top Pop’ and ‘Torrent’; absolutely too cool.

Culminating in a tribute to Franki Valli & the Four Season a spirited rendition of ‘Who Loves You Baby’ signs off a wonderful, inspirational album , with a definite flourish.

Each track is a complete identity in its own right, not a continuation on a theme, coming together in a style referred to as ‘coffeehouse’, which more than aptly describes the essence of the album: relaxing, intimate, intriguing and enjoyable.


Artists Dan Kennedy