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Divine Passage

Reading the titles of the thirteen pieces which make up Divine Passage the latest album from acclaimed pianist and composer Marshall Barnhouse, gives a very clear indication of what is to come in musical format.

Each piece elegantly titled indicates the journey one takes through life from birth, when arrival on this earth and in this place is already defined, to the many way stations experienced by all on their journey.

Divine Passage, a carefully constructed composition introduces the body of work in a classical mode, creating a moment in time when all else stops; a time when to stand in awe is all encompassing. Light and gentle this is the perfect place to begin.

As the story unfolds so too do the melodies for travelling life’s pathways; seeking, finding, discovering a First Love, New Beginnings, getting even more grown up As Time Goes By, an intriguing, dainty reflection on looking back, perhaps with a little introspection. A gorgeous, intricate piece.

Why Worry is something asked by all at some point in life; Barnhouse has captured, with a jaunty, quirky, fun filled melody, that very moment when realisation eventually arrives, sometimes or eventually, bringing with it that wry, Why Worry moment, it’s all taken care of anyway.

Eventually, regardless of the journey travelled, everyone arrives at a place they call Home. Home Again is softly played, offering a gentle, welcoming for the traveller as they arrive at a place of warmth, safety and love.

At all times in life there comes a period of reflection. What We Leave Behind is a structured, classical and emotive composition on which to simply contemplate; to sit and absorb the elements of deep emotion captured; sadness, happiness and that space in between called acceptance.

Marshall Barnhouse in Divine Passage has created a solo work of great charm: expressive and full of delight.

Distributor CD Baby
Released October 2019
Running Time 56:40
Artists Marshall Barnhouse