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Downtown is taking a walk down memory lane with Robin Spielberg, on a voyage into the past of popular music, which in the day was fresh and exciting, capturing so many differing beats; a sound which has stood the test of time, and now under the fingers of world acclaimed pianist Robin Spielberg, has been given fresh appeal.

Who can forget the emotional and captivating Rainbow Connection written by Jim Henson for the Muppet movie in 1973. Kermit the Frog was spending time reflecting on life and the magic that can be found in a Rainbow. Spielberg has captured the intent of the original song in full Kermit the Frog style. A timeless gem to commence a wonderful collection of carefully selected covers.

The smaltzy Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue is reminiscent of Jazz clubs of the 1930’s and ‘40’s, where you are expecting a chanteuse to wander onto the stage and add husky vocals to the slow romance of the moment. Originally released in 1977 it remains a perennial favourite. Made her own in this sensual rendition, the song oozes with emotion.

Slow, measured and evocative, the beautiful A Thousand Years speaks of love long awaited, but the fear of loving too much is of concern, until a brave heart understands that to loose love is not acceptable; to be brave and accept the love is to win.  Beguiling.

In 1961 Country and Western Singer Patsy Cline released Crazy which was to go on to chart second on Billboard and is now considered as a C&W standard. Spielberg captures the absolute pathos of the song written by Willie Nelson back before he became famous.

Oh, Babe, What would you say is a perfect capturing of the moment when perhaps you could fly away to the Moon and journey to the Milky Way or bring flowers every day. Covered by many in various styles, Spielberg creates a magical, mellow rendition filled with warmth and once again a little light romance to capture that moment of maybe, I could be so in love with you……………

Dream a Little Dream of Me is the perfect pick for the last song on this romantic collection of past hits. Sung by such greats as Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong, Doris Day and then to a new generation in 1968, by Mama Cass Elliott as her debut song as a single artist, it is a song that will never lose its appeal. Mama Cass considered it the most beautiful song she knew. Spielberg’s gentle treatment of this song is full of romance.

Downtown is collection full of classic hits which will resonate to the older audience, whom will undoubtedly remember all the words, yet will hold great appeal to a younger more modern generation who enjoy beautiful, romantic music presented with rich emotion by Robin Spielberg. Don’t be surprised to find yourself singing along with these much loved pieces!

Distributor Bandcamp
Released May 2023
Running Time 43mins 49secs
Artists Robin Spielberg