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Dreams for a Better Tomorrow

Alejandro Santoyo describes himself as a bit of dreamer, who through his music, hopes to encourage a better tomorrow in a world filled with distress and worry. He hopes through the gift of music, to generate a feeling of well-being and love, as well as the spirit of acceptance and kindness.

In his latest massive body of work Dreams for a Better Tomorrow, the music reaches out with a delicious beauty that captivates, beginning with the all-encompassing soundscape Legends of Love, a rich orchestral piece which commences the dream, as it is based loosely on the romance of Romeo and Juliette, a Shakespearian play in which love does eventually triumph.

As the work unfolds the tracks deliver an interesting and very enjoyable journey through the emotions, all the while maintaining a complex simplicity, which touches the emotions softly and gently. This is particularly noticeable in Nenita, a solo hymn in tribute to women everywhere.

But, returning to the earlier tracks there is a delightful triplet of Amore, Hope and then Awaken which can all so very easily be translated into a life event. Amore, a gentle solo piano piece is all about falling in love. Hope is there that the love will grow, and is presented with a vigorous and joyful piece which then grows into Awakening, when the scope of love shows what can be achieved. A lovely element of electronic is introduced in this piece which expands into a catchy, up-tempo piece showcasing another element of Santoyo’s vast talent.

The March of Time arrives with the beat of the drum, the sombre notes of the piano and then morphs into a fully-fledged, rich bodied string orchestra piece created to portray the ‘inescapability of time’. Deep, brooding and intriguing this is a piece that demands to be taken seriously and at only 3:56 long, does exactly that!

Almost hesitance is Happenstance, a light, catchy and romantic piece followed by Just Us, which helps set the scene to the finale, which the final piece The Miracle of Love, most certainly is, with all the drama and excitement that announces the end of the entertainment.

The Miracle of Love is a symphony with an evocative, haunting beauty that draws together all the elements of the previous tracks in a rich and glorious celebration of the power of life, love and music with which to create positive change in the world of today.

A sumptuous, gloriously beautiful album of love, joy, healing and hope.

Distributor CD Baby
Released 2019
Running Time 1:17
Artists Alejandro Santoyo