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Earthbeat is an appealing, easy listening collection of pieces, seven of which have been previously released as singles, from the talented duo, pianist Joseph Akins and flautist Sherry Finzer with what could be considered as the feature track Who Am I? a new song amongst to the familiar pieces.

Whether it be design or intent each of the piece’s forms a musical voyage to unexpected places commencing with the reflective and thoughtful Shanti Moon, creating a perfect feeling of peace, heralded in by the full beauty of the moon as it lights the earth in darkened hours.

Haunting, primal and resonating, the native American Indian flute calls in the almost hesitant notes of the piano in Earthbeat, forming a piece full of drama, with an almost deep sadness permeating the haunting notes of the flute.

Upbeat and catchy Café Spa, a cheerful piece changes the tempo of the collection with an subtle jazz ambience; the darkened corners of a café at night, romance in the air, the gentle sounds of flute and piano combine to lull the listener into a sense of timelessness; a night when time almost, but not quite, stands still.

The captivating, Who Am I? is the new single from Akins and Finzer, which showcase their impressive ability to move across genres with ease. There is a little help from their friends on ‘cello and percussion which adds a lovely depth of feeling to the song.

Continuing on with the journey, the eerily beautiful Two Wolves brings in the vast open spaces of the prairie; two wolves moving across the landscape, the primitive sound of Indian drumming and flute adding to the mystery of the night.

Concluding with the delicate Angel Moon, the addition of vocal harmonies allows a sense of dreaming to descend, as a timeless journey once again concludes with a gentle and relaxing flourish.

Distributor Heartdance Records/ Bandcamp
Released February 2023
Running Time 35min 19sec
Artists Joseph Atkins and Sherry Finzer.