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Fellowship of Solitude

In a rather pensive mood, celebrated pianist Lynn Tredeau presents her latest offering Fellowship of Solitude, a singularly alluring series of compositions which are evocative and wonderfully peaceful; a trademark of her music to date.

Beginning with the title track Fellowship of Solitude she creates a fitting entrance to an album of peace and beauty, which flows over the spirit in a gentle and unobtrusive manner offering solace and time to be spent in reflection.

Moving down the songs is the delicate, poignant Love Leaves A Memory, a gentle reminder of that first love, so fresh, sparkling and overwhelming, to eventually be replaced by another love, maybe a richer more lasting love to remain in the memory for all time.

Each of the track titles will evokes memories of many things often best forgotten, or forgiven, lessons learned; with others remaining always as special and meaningful events to be remembered with love and laughter, joy and happiness but always with a salient reminder of a life to be well lived and enjoyed.

The slightly more sombre Time Machine is an enticing little soliloquy which requires no words spoken, as time, slowly and majestically moves steadily forward leading onto new fields to be explored while the introspective piece Left Behind requests a pause to be taken; a review of things left behind, perhaps unfinished, lessons to be garnered and learned from past experience.

The penultimate piece Life is in the Journey is a personal refection on the life of Lynn Trudeau and her journey thus far, offering the salient point that all of life is truthfully a journey; of places been and yet to go, that each day brings with it fresh, new beginnings, new experiences and always, perhaps inevitably, something to be gained on a more personal level.

Purple Fog commences with the deep bass note of the piano overlayed with the higher registers, offering a final peaceful moment of solitude to be enjoyed, which is a delightful ending to an album created to offer a time of peace, relaxation and reflection, which pays tribute to the immense skill of Lynn Tredeau and her heartfelt compositions for solo piano.


Distributor CD Baby
Released July 2018
Running Time 48.05 secs
Artists Lynn Tredeau