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Flying Solo Silhouette

Gently, gently, ever so slowly the singular sound of the piano being introduced to the day is heard; the sound quickens, then slides off into a fuller richer sound – enter Ann Sweeten in her first Original Solo Piano Album, an album which reflects a small slice of the work she has become known for over the past decade.

In 2008 she was awarded entrée into the prestigious international roster of Steinway Artists, who touted her as a true ‘renaissance woman’. High praise indeed for a woman who has, over the past twenty years  moved about the world stage as a solo pianist, with her style ranging from the classical, to a slight  jazz influence,  then to creating film scores and popular music.

The first piece on this delicately beautiful work is titled A Light Rain and is the perfect vehicle to introduce the remainder of the pieces, which have been in some instances re-mixed and re-mastered, to create a completely new feel, a new entity, by none other than the legendary Will Ackerman.

Each of the pieces is reflective of the emotion so named in the title, which through the medium of her immense skill at the keyboard, are bought to life in an elegant and thoughtful manner.

Sweeten has not been without her share of life changing challenges, surviving breast cancer twice and now battling leukaemia, which undoubtedly reflects in the tonal quality of the music. There is something additional that can only come of experience and survival, which in itself brings another dimension, a deeper understanding to living life to the full, which is reflected in the emotion of her music.

Soothing and soft, the works simply keep on getting richer and better as she progresses through the beauty that can be found in the smallest of life aspects which are to be discovered  in Dawn on a Red Mountain, Veil of Tears, Afterglow and December Snow: each individual and yet related in an intangible moment in time.

Her music is laced with hope, love and joy; it is exquisite and dainty. Created from what could almost be considered as Divine intervention, Flying Solo Silhouette is perfection. On Wings of Lights completes this delightful sequence of compositions which are to be, will be and should be, enjoyed time and time again.


DistributorCD Baby
Running Time52:20
ArtistsAnne Sweeten