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Follow Your Heart

A little soul, a touch of delicate jazz notes, the smoky vibe of a late-night bar in the wee small hours, drift into the atmosphere on this re-release of Eric Bikales fourth Album, Follow Your Heart.

As a musician he has walked along many musical pathways, from classical, when as a young boy of 6 years he could pick out Ravel’s Bolero by ear, on the family piano. Mastering the flute came next, but discovering jazz, pop and rock-and -roll while a young student, saw him change directions away from a beckoning carer in medicine, to one which has now spaned several decades and disciplines of Music

In this deliciously tempting album he has created pieces which appear to have followed his heart in every sense of the words, as each is a slightly different style; from the gentle jazzy blues introduction on Clockwork moving along to the title piece Follow Your Heart, a more measured and contemporary piece which is somewhat reflective.

The Meeting rustles the memory offering reminders of TV shows of times long gone, a field he worked in for many years, creating orchestration for many of the prime Television series and popular shows of the day.

A quirky little piece is Mysterier which combines a little of this and a little more of that, to present Bikales sitting at his piano allowing the many tantalising melodies and rhythms to find their own way across the keys, creating a pleasing melody that captivates with its charm.

A more classical element is introduced with Miles To Go. The snappy, formal and distinct notes are presented with precision, the highs and lows of a journey, any journey, easily distinguishable and when followed with the catchy Franklin Jubilee, presents a truly fun and captivating sojourn into the world of contemporary New Age music, adding a hippy jazz beat amongst the funkier and more formal grooves.

Winding up this more than enjoyable collection of very impressive pieces is the tender and reflective piece The Saint– a piece as far from the introductory tracks of the famous British TV series of the 1960’s, as is possible. Soft, gentle and  charming this makes the perfect ending for an absolutely enjoyable musical voyage courtesy of Eric Bikales.

Distributor CD Baby
Released August 2018
Artists Eric Bikales