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Guide Me

In a broad immensely powerful introduction to Guide Me, the second album from Samer Fanek he shouts, ‘here I am, listen to me’ before proceeding to enchant and impress with the volume of feeling, a richness of sound, a delicate tribute, which is all encompassing, beautiful and totally enjoyable from the first, to the final note.

In his return from the dark days, this award-winning musician has created an album of immense beauty as he takes a musical journey through life, from announcing his return in Grand Opening, as if he were a showman for life itself, in what could be considered a panoramic piece with its depth and richness.

Deliberately structuring the tracks to rebuild life journeys, he offers a lovely piano solo in Long time Ago, a nod to the time before birth, a time of waiting, pausing to reflect, before moving into Newborn, celebrating the beginning of new life with a more comprehensive and intricate mix of piano and orchestra; a glorious and upbeat song.

As the music unfolds the story of growth is revealed in the lovely pieces Now You See followed with Guide Me, the signature title and one that comes with the understanding that all of life is given, but needs guidance to be able to learn and understand; a quirky piece which brings with its memories and a smile, sometimes wry!

Before Dawn which enchanting with its elegance, and freshness heralds in new beginnings, a fresh start, hope and joy before Chasing Time arrives, deeper, perhaps more personal and yet one of the pieces that could be very significant in this majestic work, as it showcases the very real talent of Samer Fanek.

In dedication to his mother Lila, is the richly robust For Lila, a vibrant piece with a rich orchestral sound of strings is without a doubt a glorious tribute of love. In complete contrast is the funky track Sense of Purpose, as if finally, life is presenting a focus, a reason, a destination: Powerful, fast and full of amazing layers this piece offers an upbeat sense of fun, freedom and rebirth.

Finally, the last track arrives all to soon in Back To Hometown to complete not just this album, but offers an immense desire to return someday to his native Jordan, to the place of his birth; the long journey home and the feelings of homesickness, the desire to return to be able to reflect and renew are all presented in this beautiful solo piece, drawing this interesting, intriguing and glorious work to a close.

Samer Fanek is indeed a talent in the New Age genre of music, one of a new style of musician and composer creating what many refer to an elite division within the entire scope of modern music. They have no boundaries, they create with the wonder of modern technology and time after time, deliver the goods to an exceptional standard. Here’s hoping Faner follows his dream, to be able to create his amazingly rich sound on the stages of the world with a very real, full orchestra.



Distributor CD Baby
Released December 2018
Running Time 39:01secs
Artists Samer Fanek