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Holly Jones: a series of singles

Holly Jones created a series of telling songs during the course of 2020, individual, emotional and delicate performed on her piano. All are reflective of so much felt and endured by so many over the past year.

By day Holly Jones is a physical therapist using the magic of music as one of her healing modalities, after hours she is an accomplished, pianist composer who believes that through the medium of music peace and healing can be found.

Sink into the sumptuous solo piano single I Remember (2020) from Holly Jones as she leads gently into the stillness from which to flow effortlessly across the spectrum of emotions, creating a gentle space in time that is to be treasured, enjoyed, supped from with delight, revelled in, allowed to settle and sooth as a balm for the very troubled souls we have all become over the past year

Fortitude (2020) is short, charming, and delicate; it speaks to the very heart of people everywhere who have needed great fortitude to ride out the storm that was 2020, a year that was filled with with a sense of  deep sadness, change and devastation not easily forgotten.

I Wonder as I Wander is another in a series of singles created in 2020 that describe the emotion of the moment, an emotion felt by all, as whenever possible we wandered, whether in our minds from our solitude in lockdown, or in person to the real pleasure of the great outdoors, wondering what the future held, how much longer or worse could things become, how much more the spirit could tolerate, when there would be an end to the sadness.

Cloud Drift (2020) is just that: imagine lying on the ground watching the clouds drift by on their journey to some other stratosphere, seemingly without a care or worry in their universe; a blue sky filled with white fluff, gentle and yet full of hidden shapes offering mindless captivation. A delicate, light single perfect for the moment in time when stepping out of daily toil is required.

Heart To Heart (2021) is a reflective piece that is very easy to be able to relate too, as it is full of the many thoughts and feelings we all have to face and accept as we take stock, relax and understand that such is life;  as in the beginning so to in the end. A slight hint of sadness threads through the piece as each of the notes slowly shape a letting go, an acceptance, a completion.

Learning to Fly (2021) is a refreshing, solo piano piece filled with happiness and hope, as the very elements of stretching out to embrace the new day are perfectly captured as Holly Jones sits at her piano allowing the music to emerge, to bring forth almost a yearning to be able to learn to fly once again in a fresher, clearer, more beautiful future.

Each of the pieces were written and recorded at various times over 2020 reflecting the emotions of a year truly like no other in modern times. The two pieces released in 2021, just two months in, are reflective of acceptance, letting go and fresh new beginning; a time of hope in the future with an eventual return to a more settled, peaceful world.

Each of the tracks is perfect to add as a single to a playlist or gather together to make a gorgeous, mellow and soothing palate to be enjoyed.

Distributor Holly Jones
Released 2020/2021
Artists Holly Jones