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If you ever needed an excuse to chill out for an hour Imaginations from Dutch composer and musician Ronald van Deurzen is just that, as he entices you into a world of music that is varied, enjoyable and deliciously relaxing; perfect to take the time to take time, to simply be in the present through the gift of music.

From the gentle and peaceful Little Falling Flake to the soft and careful melodies of Early Years the stage is set for an hour of pure enjoyment which is reinforced with the dainty offering Moon Flower, written to the romance of the delicate white flower that unfurls in the evening and closes once again as the light touches the sky in the early morning.

Come Back Because I Love You is an intriguing title for a song, as are the melodies that form the piece, strong with passion, a sense of longing that had not yet become acceptance. Intriguing and beautifully structured the piece compliments the previous Midsommar Känsla laced with the wonders of the outdoors at Midsummer, when all around is washed in the blessings offered by the sun.

Gorgeous, Autumn Park is, at least to me, the pinnacle piece of the work, clean, crisp, clear and glorious; the riot of autumn has been captured with the strength, classic patterns and vibrancy that shape a season full of change, delight, colour and joy. The addition of an electronic element to the piece simply underscores the talent of the creator.

As the work opens up, it is easy to see why van Deurzen is considered a musician of note within his field that of piano, orchestra, fusion and prog rock as Imaginations delivers the lot in one incantation or another. The deliciously complex piece Momentum Figures, captures the imagination as it ebbs and flows in what what could be considered as pure fusion, almost as if he has gone, well let’s see what happens when you do this and add that, which has created a fantastically fun piece, full of pomp and frivolity before ending in a classically formed flourish.

Deep, dramatic and forceful Stuck in a Dream completes what is an album to be enjoyed over and over again, full of fun, variety, entertainment asking nothing more than to be enjoyed in the moment in time that this work finds you.

Distributor Ronald van Deurzen
Released 2020
Artists Ronald van Deurzen