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In The Distance

In this incredible tale narrated in music by Michael Bohne on In the Distance, focusing in on should, or when the earth will end, told through the metre of a hunting emotion underpinned by the never ending ticking of a clock, counting down the minutes, the work is, despite what could be considered bleak, presented in a style which although presented as within the New Age genre, is perhaps more like modern classical.

Using an older piano, a Chickering Anniversary Grand Piano, Bohne has used the idiosyncrasies all older, well used instruments develop, to offset the perfection of the score and delivery.

Bohne’s background is foundered in Rock and Roll, horror and sci-fi movies with the addition of Pop Punk and some serious heavy metal, so therefore how has he become a classical pianist of such talent. Thanks to David Lanz who offered the inspiration and encouragement for Bohne’s fertile imagination, he took up a personal challenge to play one of Lanz pieces “The Enchantment”, wining a YouTube competition with his interpretation.

In this his first solo album, as always with music, a raft of interpretation is available, depending on the mood, the time and the emotion of the listener; In the Distance is no acceptation to this basic fundamental of music. Having listened to the music several times, each time a very different concept was raised.

Initially doom and gloom are well portrayed, then a more mellow acceptance threads through the pieces and finally, on writing, an absolute respect for the standard and quality of the score and the tone; each time a differencing emotion, each time a confluence of feeling. From despair to hope, high and low, repetition and acceptance that thought life there will eventually be a finale; how that is to play out is an unknown.

Unusual in that many New Age concepts are based on relaxation, meditation, emotion it is an entirely different and unusual concept to be faced with the possible ending of the world, transcribed in a conceptual form.

In the Distance is a work which is beautiful; intriguing. Definitely a very different take on New Age classical music and one that is powerful, strangely enjoyable and in an unusual way, refreshing in its precision.

Distributor CD Baby
Released July 2018
Running Time 39:59secs
Artists Michael Bohne