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Jazz Meditations

Meditation music is always something special and when a jazz component is added, it broadens the of experience. Dan Rufulo in his second solo piano recording Jazz Meditations combines his love of jazz, modern religious music and traditional hymns to create an album which will have a very wide appeal.

Commencing with a sombre, very reflective piece Choices, which paves the way to a somewhat eclectic mix of emotions, with the very sophisticated piece Elegant Lady tripping across the keyboard in of course, a very elegant, easy manner.

One of the all-time favourites, English folk song Greensleeves has been beautifully crafted, holding together the 15th century melody but adding a lovely, modern jazz rhythm which refreshes and delights with a range of discerning elements introduced to this classic piece.

A thoughtful piece is Idea Factory, consisting of intriguing layers, offering a very different aspect of meditation, in the assured nature of what could be considered as an entrepreneurial piece, fresh, challenging and captivating with the changes of pace and emotion.

Improvisation#3 is a lovely journey through the diverse world that is a jazz, with the many elements bought together to once again offer a reflective moment, short and perfectly fitting the bill for a quiet moment.

Each of the twelve pieces that make up this solo piano album commence with a very measured style which goes on to broaden out into a range of differing emotions and style with Mantis, having a more traditional feel, reminding of the wonderful Mantis, perched on a blade of grass, slowly swaying in the gentle breeze, waiting, deciding what to do next.

Movement 1 Mountains is an interesting composition as it is one of the more diverse pieces commencing with a the more traditional feel, a slow measure which builds to a crescendo to end the piece with a flourish. Followed by Movement IV Fog a sharper, far more brittle song, the two pieces balance each other with ease, showcasing the talent and scope of Dan Rufulo at one with his piano.

A funky little piece Waltz in B completes what is an album of completely unexpected, thought provoking, original compositions and traditional pieces which create Jazz Meditations.

Distributor Heart Dance Records
Released January 2019
Artists Dan Rufulo